High Power Amplifier Design; IC & Module

Our client is a leading manufacturer of RF ICs and Modules, and is a leader in High Power Transistors and Modules for and commercial wireless applications. They seek design engineers to design RF HPA transistors, and Discrete HPA Modules. Will Design High Power transistors and/or modules for Cellular Base Station, WIMAX, Radar, Medical and other High Power RF applications, using LDMOS, GaN or MMIC PA technology.

We need Power Amplifier Designers with a minimum of BSEE (MSEE preferred) and 3 to 10 years of PA Design experience.

PL RF Power & Base Stations

  • Development of the relevant RF products and/or modules, in line with the relevant specifications.

Job Characteristics

  • Develop as part of a project team a packaged RF power transistor or module.

Tasks are:

  • Design and transfer into production of packaged RF power transistor or modules in LDMOS or GaN technology:
  • Design of the internal matching circuit based
  • Generation of optimum bonding diagram based on simulation
  • Design of sample test boards
  • Characterization, evaluation and tuning of the sample test circuit to specification compliance
  • Customer interface and support
  • Assist in designing circuit boards for final product testing in production.
  • Interface with quality department
  • Write design documentation
  • Device validation and characterization:
  • Set up simulation environments for packaged RF power transistor or module simulations, both standalone as within top level circuitry
  • Perform, interpret and review the simulation results
  • Define and interpret evaluation/characterization measurements

Tooling and Flows:

  • Knowledge of the design flow and tools

Key areas of Responsibility

  • To fulfill the mentioned tasks adequate.
  • Responsible for the design, realization and test of a packaged RF power transistor or module.
  • Designs on the basis of design specifications in accordance with the functional specifications.
  • Draws up personal schedule and reports on progress.
  • Is responsible for input in the planning process.
  • Ensures that there is proper documentation for the developed hardware/software.
  • Solves PRs and CRs (Problem Reports and Change Requests).
  • Performs work in line with the processes that have been agreed in the department
  • Keeps abreast of technical developments in own field through study of the literature and technical contacts.

Main Experience required

  • Experience in working in teams.
  • Relevant experience in required application domain.
  • Experience in modern (software) engineering methods, tools, and processes

Necessary know how / skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronics preferably with RF orientation.
  • Experience with RF simulation tools like ADS, Sonnet, HFSS, Cadence and preferably thermal simulation tools like Ansys.
  • Familiar with RF measurements and measurement techniques; like power sweep, load-pull, intermodulation distortion.
  • Basic knowledge of digital modulation techniques (GSM, W-CDMA etc).
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written in English.

Required personality characteristics

  • Disciplined team worker.
  • Accurate and quality minded.


  • To take technical decisions with respect to the design, testing, application and design-in support, etc. within an agreed project plan.
Job Code: C11-014
Locations: Los Angeles | Raleigh | San Jose