Our Mission

To serve our clients hiring needs:

  • To provide “Executive Search” quality focus and effort to all of our clients.
  • To use our expertise in our market niche to provide a turnkey solution to our clients.  We already know your technology, your market space, who your competitors are, and how to quickly locate the best candidates.
  • To provide the most value to the recruiting process before ultimately handing off the candidate to you.  We will rigorously pre-screen and pre-sell the candidate on your opportunity, ensuring that the candidate is right for the job, and ready to talk seriously with you about employment.
  • To be your expert on our candidates wants and needs, and to be your partner in getting an acceptance from the candidate you choose.

To help job seekers:

  • To listen and be guided by your career goals and personal needs, and find the best matches for you with your needs firmly in mind.
  • To use our market expertise to provide you with an array of good career choices.  We know that a common mistake of recruiters is to give you just one opportunity and try to pressure you into accepting that choice.  Our method is to work harder for you, create several good matches, then let you decide.
  • To build a long-term positive relationship with you.  In our field, the skilled candidate is our most valuable asset.  Towards this end, we will always describe the job opportunity to you, in depth, and get your OK before submitting your resume.
  • We will prepare you for interviews, and maximize your chance of getting an offer.
  • We will always provide you with our client’s feedback after you interview.
  • We will help you conduct a winning salary negotiation.